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Welcome to
Trojan Wrestling Academy

TWA Youth Wrestling is open to any child (male/female) in grades K-6th who resides in the Sunman-Dearborn Community School District. Two Sessions are available. Both held weekly on Tues & Thurs with different start times.

Beginner Group (all wrestlers grades K-2).

From 5:45PM6:45PM

Intermediate/Advanced (All wrestlers in grades 3-6, experienced or beginner levels wrestlers).

From 7:00 PM8:15PM

Sunday 10/01

Online Registration Official Open Date

Registration cost is $95.00 per child and includes TWA t-shirt AND shorts, wrestler keeps both. Basic equipment also required (wrestling shoes, mouthpiece if braces).

Additional cost for required TWA uniform if participating in tournaments. Uniform packages start at $45 and are purchased through the Team Store link.


Why Wrestling?


Improves self-confidence and the belief that
anything is possible


Teaches young people to respect themselves
and others


Promotes excellence and encourages athletes
to set achievement goals


Builds physical core strength used in all sports
and healthy living.


Develops integrity, discipline, and a strong
work ethic-traits that will last a lifetime

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