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Trojan Communications

SportsYou App will be our primary communication platform for daily or scheduling changes. A code with link for this App will be provided to you after registration. Additional digital services including Facebook and Sports
You App, along with emails & texts may also be utilized until the website is up and running as intended.

Trojan Schedule

TWA youth wrestling practice/event schedule will follow the Sunman-Dearborn Community School calendar for school closings, cancellations, and holiday schedules. Practices will be held each week starting Tuesday, November 16th, and ending on/around February 11, 2024 TBD once the city tournament date has been set. Our main events for matches are scheduled dual meets with other programs and CYW tournaments are typically held on Sundays. A full schedule of these optional tournaments and dates will be presented to parents during the first week of practice once they are confirmed in October. Tournament participation is optional and each one typically costs $15-20 per wrestler per tournament. Any Fees for dual or program meets have not been determined.

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